Big Mike's Workout

Big Mike has fused together a huge variety of the most effective & efficient workout approaches into an Outdoor High-Intensity-Interval-Training Program that speeds lean-muscle building and blasts away excess body fat!

From Competitive Obstacle Courses to Team Workouts, Big Mike's Boot Camp keeps you challenged with a huge variety of full-body workouts that have been perfected to advance your hard-earned progress and keep it coming!

Premium is Standard!


Everything Provided:
• ALL Workout Equipment
• Bottled Water & Fresh Towels
• Warm-Up & Yoga Cool Down
• Fun For Every Level!

Private Group Fitness

Looking for an incredibly unique, kick-butt outdoor fitness event for your Wedding Party, Company or Privated Group,  that's located in stunning Palm Springs, loaded with FUN, and challenges everyone to their limits? Then look no further—let Big Mike's Boot Camp create a memorable world-class Boot Camp event!