Dan C, Palm Springs

I haven't worked out consistently since high school. Like some other people here I started out with a groupon deal because I wasn't sure I would be able to consistently exercise based on my track record. Well after a month my wife and I decided to sign up for a year. What a great year it has been too. 

We went to the 6 AM classes (He also has 7 and 9 AM). Even in the winter we enjoyed being down at the beach before and during the sunrise. Fresh air, cool sand, dolphin sightings, the occasional whale, and a great work out. Basically the best possible way to start your morning!

On to the details. Mike supplies you with towels, water, bags you fill with sand for your weights, and the perfect attitude for an early morning workout. I am not the type of person that wants to be yelled at when still waking up, Mike isn't like that. He pushes you and encourages you to do more, without going Full Metal Jacket on you. There are normally 3 different work outs during the week. One day will be a challenge course where you challenge yourself to go through the course as many times in the hour as you can. Another workout will be a group work out where you are working out together with everyone, you can still push yourself to do more weight or do more reps in each of the movements. Then the 3rd work out of the week will normally be a beach run, which consists of sprinting for a set amount of time normally 30 seconds, followed by active resting and then 30 seconds to a minute of a body weight exercise. At first this was the day that I dreaded. Running was never something I liked. I always felt sore afterwards and just generally was miserable. Not on the beach, not on the sand. Something about running towards the Santa Monica pier or down to Malibu just helped me push my hatred of running aside. After a few months beach runs were something I really looked forward to.

In short Big Mike is great, he helps you modify exercises if you are injured or just need an easier or harder way to do something. He is encouraging, helpful and genuinely cares about everyone in his classes. I would highly recommend anyone and everyone sign up for these classes.