Kyla E, Santa Monica

Working out doesn't get better than this: the beach, sunrise, whales, dolphins and Big Mike to motivate you! 

Mike is amazing - fun, knowledgable and motivational. He makes working out an enjoyable experience and even though I have to get up at 5.30am, I actually find myself really looking forwards to it. He makes sure that the workouts change up every few weeks to keep you focussed and each session is carefully constructed to give you a thorough workout, mixing up muscle groups and aerobic. He also has a special beach buggy out on the sand for us, with towels and water, and music playing to help us all wake up. 

There's a great range of fitness levels from people who are adding to their specialist sport training and going hard, to folks who haven't done any exercise in years and want to get back into it, and the workouts are designed for you to take it at your own level. It's not intimidating, so we can all work out together and the atmosphere is friendly and supportive - just the way Mike likes it - which it makes me push myself a little harder than I would working out alone. It takes just a few weeks and you can really see and feel the difference. There's no shouting or military drill stuff - he just helps you to work harder and have fun in his own special 'Big Mike' way! 

It's actually the best start to my day - not least because getting a workout done (often accompanied by dolphins and occasionally whales) makes me feel better from the start, but also because it helps me to make better choices throughout. Mike also gives you a fitness tracker and recommended eating plan, and his blog is regularly updated with recipes, and social events - such as the occasional group hike. 

I can't recommend him enough. He's a legend.