Laura O, Beverly Hills

Lets break this down...

Star One: The location. I live in Beverly Hills but waking up at 6am to get to the 7am class isn't an issue! I can't wait to spend my morning on the beautiful beach of Santa Monica! 

Star Two: Big Mike himself. He's awesome. He's friendly and doesn't scream and yell at you or put you down. If your form is off, he'll walk by and quickly help you direct it. He uses motivating words instead of words that make you feel like crap about yourself. And he's also a great trainer - knows what he's doing! And if you don't know what you're doing on a specific set of workouts, you can ask without feeling intimidated. This is important.

Star Three: Variety. You're never doing the same workout twice in a row, so you don't get bored! Not that you could really be bored anyways... because... the view.

Star Four: Price. While I got this deal on a Groupon, the actual price is a gem for what other trainers would charge for way less results. 3x a week (if you stick to it) plus a nutrition plan made just for you. I'll continue the program after my deal runs out because this class just "feels right."

Star Five: Quality. During my workouts, it's always challenging, but rewarding. The rest of my day feels so productive when I've gone to Big Mike's beach bootcamp. The people in the group are really nice and encouraging. There's no room to slack off, because (personally) I'm pretty competitive and want to keep up. And if you have issues physically or need modifications, you can do that. 

I love it and I highly recommend it! Try something different... Santa Monica is a beautiful place to get fit, and Big Mike is the right guy to help you out along the way.