Nicolle R, Santa Monica

I wish I could give this 100 stars! 

I can't express enough how amazing and life changing this experience is. I use to be super athletic and have slipped away from that over the past couple years. In the past year I have tried everything from different gym memberships to trend setting classes and nothing compares or completes your needs like Big Mike's Boot Camp. 

I am also an extremely busy person and have lots of challenges throughout the day at my job. Getting up in the morning at 6am to start working out at 7am has giving me balance to my life. It helps me relieve stress and start my day off strong. I feel more energized when I need to be and I sleep better at night. 

I never thought I would be back to my physical self until I started to notice a significant difference with Big Mike's Boot Camp. I love the change in work out obstacles and I never thought I would say this but I actually love the runs! Everyone there is so friendly and we help each other motivate one another which makes the experience very rewarding.

Big Mike himself is an amazing motivator and actually cares about you. Even in a group of 20 people, he will makes sure you are on track and pushing yourself to give you the results you want. On top of that he's the nicest trainer I've encountered and is always a pleasure to be around. 

Working out in the morning surrounded by a beautiful beach landscape with dolphins, sea lions and gorgeous sunrises makes you feel very in tuned with yourself and ready to take on the day. I highly highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to start working out in a healthy and positive way. Thanks so much Mike!