Helen K, Santa Monica

As previously someone who wouldn't get out of bed until the last possible moment, Big Mike's has turned me into a morning person!  I love that by 8.30am I'm sitting at my desk having done an hour of workout and seen the sunrise on the beach.

I had never been keen on an organized group workout with a set schedule, preferring to exercise in my own time, but Mike's early time slot makes it easy to attend every week and not let other commitments get in the way.

The classes are varied, interesting and fun - just when I am starting to get bored of a workout it changes.  I like that some workouts are done on your own and others as a group.  The people who come at 6am are friendly and welcoming and there is no atmosphere of competition.  Mike is encouraging and upbeat and is constantly helping you to improve your performance and technique.

I started on the Groupon offer but had no hesitation in continuing and feel Big Mike's is fantastic value for money.   Why work out in an air conditioned gym when you can exercise outside and enjoy the beautiful beach setting?