Cameron D, Pacific Palisades

 “This was the greeting I got at my gym on Monday... As I jogged onto the beach, the sun was rising over my left shoulder, the sea in front was calm and then dolphins swam by... did a little one wave to me?? I have been attending Big Mikes Ultimate Beach Workout for 12 weeks. 

The workout WORKS...I waited to write this until now so I can give you some stats. I have dropped 4lbs, gone from 32.8% body fat, to 22.8%, down from 36" waist to 34"(if I suck in my gut 33"). I am stronger and faster and best of all... I FEEL so much better. Mike has created a fantastic recipe- take natural light (the early morning sun), fresh ocean air, natural weights (bags of sand and my body weight), add innovative movements (that challenge the entire body)... couple that with encouragement, intention and educated care... one hour later... I know I've just completed the BEST WORKOUT IN LA.

Kiss the flourescent lights, mirrors and grubby equipment bye bye, start your day with a bloody good workout in fresh ocean air, leaving nothing but footprints in the sand.”