Taylor T, Marina Del Rey

I've been doing this boot camp for about 6 weeks and am totally addicted!  I was nervous about committing to it just for a month but am so glad I pushed myself because now I actually look forward to going!  

I also was not one to ever workout early in the morning but I love how great I feel after.  Of course, starting your day with an hour by the ocean only adds to the positive, empowering feeling you get.  The best part is I'm already noticing that my whole body is becoming much more toned/firm than it was previously and I've lost a few pounds as well :)  People are starting to compliment me and ask what I've been doing which I'm loving!

Lastly, one thing I was nervous about before beginning was that I pictured Big Mike being one of those intense, "drill sergeant" type trainers who makes you wanna cry at times but this is definitely not how he is.  He truly cares about each of us achieving the results we want and has a way of pushing you without making you feel bad about yourself which really helps the energy of the overall workout stay upbeat and encouraging.  Everyone is supportive of each other, not competitive with each other so it's a fun, bonding experience too!!

I can't recommend it enough!  If you're thinking about it, give it a try and you won't be sorry.  You have nothing to lose but weight ;)