Etin-osa O, Santa Monica

Big Mike's Ultimate Beach Workout is for everyone, of all shapes and sizes.  I was recommended Big Mike by a co-worker, who joined his class, and loved it.  I quickly knew why.  

Nothing beats waking up and starting the day, working up a sweat to a gorgeous sunrise over the Pacific Ocean on the beach in Santa Monica.  Location, location, location!  It is perfect!  Parking is painless and free at this time of the morning, and a short walk, if you decide to use the free meters on Idaho/Ocean.

Mike does a fantastic job of switching up the workouts every month, keeping you engaged, and challenged throughout the full hour.  I have never been a stickler for cardio "heavy" workouts, as i preferred weight training.  However, using the sandbags, with short cardio intervals makes the workout enjoyable and fulfilling.  I used quotations on heavy because it is always so beautiful out, i forget I'm working up a sweat with others who share in the fun.

The community is very warm and welcoming.  It is in fact much more than just a boot camp.  Mike is very engaging, doesn't put you down, and is full of positive reinforcement of your results.  It's amazing!  He also offers fun group hikes and clinics on a regular basis to add to the fun and experience.  5 Stars for sure, anything less would not be fitting.