Elena F, Los Angeles

I've been working out with Big Mike for one month and am hooked. I already see results and have a new-found confidence. Mike's workouts have helped put me on track to attain my personal fitness goals.

Having done athletics my whole life, I immediately recognized the unique challenge of Big Mike's workouts. Each workout has a complimentary balance of strength and cardio training. You never plateau in these hour long workouts as you're constantly shifting around on the sand. 

Mike is passionate about his work and it shows. 

He's an extremely talented, smart, and aware trainer who has cultivated meaningful relationships with his clients. I'm constantly impressed by his ability to remember details about everyone in the program. Mike is always present - aware of everyone's progress throughout the workout and over extended periods of time. He knows what each person needs to work on and is there to help them achieve it. 

I've been coached by many people in my life, developing a sense of loyalty to the ones who have inspired and demanded I do my best. Mike has proven himself to be one of the best coaches I've had. He is reliable, approachable, and tenacious.

Being on the beach in the morning is the perfect way to start off the day. We live in California, why not go to the beach as often as you can?