Christina A, Santa Monica

I've been working out with Big Mike for a year and a half and have never felt better. I needed to find an alternative because my knees were shot from running and ballet barre workouts Big Mike's Boot Camp has proved to be the magic workout. I love kickstarting the day on the beach with friends - and Mike is always in a great mood, has a wonderful sense of humor and a motivating attitude.

He mixes up the workouts each month--a combo of cardio and strength intervals-- and keeps things interesting. For people who want to measure progress, he tracks weight and body fat etc and does fitness tests (if you choose!! Nothing is mandatory!).

Mike also builds a sense of community through monthly hikes, Halloween and Xmas parties and other fun activities. Starting the day watching the sun rise, seeing dolphins (on occasion!) and getting that endorphin rush to fuel the day has been fantastic!