Brian C, Santa Monica

There are plenty of reviews here that talk about the great things about Mike and his program.  Here is the short of it:  he is an awesome motivator, he makes sure you use proper form, he cares about your success, he makes it fun, you will magically see a few dolphins while working out along the beach, and Mike gives you all the tools you need to be successful.  And if it weren't for moving to another state, I would still be doing his program.

But after going through this program for 2 months, I realize how even though he is giving 100% to his program and everyone in it, that YOU have to do certain things to get the most out of it.  In doing that myself, I ended up dropping 14 lbs of fat in 2 months and am in the best shape I've been in ever.  I hope my review will help in showing you what is needed on your end in order to get the most out of the program.  Here are the 3 key areas for me:

#1: Give 100% and show up: I'm not going to lie, his program was especially tough the first 2-3 weeks (almost all mental) and there were a few times I had to force myself to get out of bed at 6am.  But if you push through the mental barriers, I guarantee you will not regret it and will come out of it much better.  By 3 weeks in, I had so much more energy and strength.  There will be some days, especially in the beginning, you feel like 20 minutes into the workout you're done, but Mike does a great job of helping keep you motivated.  If you're always giving 100% to the UBW, it will be totally worth it.  I recommend at minimum signing up for 2 months.  This will give you enough time to really see your progress and results.

#2: Follow his nutrition guidelines and make sure you eat enough in the morning!: Every morning for his workout (except one - and I struggled that day to get through his workout) I made his oatmeal w/ protein recipe for breakfast.  Because the workout is 60 minutes and you're doing a lot of cardio while lifting sand bags, you have to make sure you eat properly.  It will give you the energy you need to get through your workout without feeling sluggish.  Most importantly though, it matters what you're doing the rest of the day.  He tells you how many calories and the breakdown of the macronutrients needed in his program.   Follow that as best as possible.  Obviously we all have a cheat meal here and there, but do your best to nourish your body the way he recommends.  

#3:  Have fun and don't stress out!:  There were a few times I was frustrated that I didn't get an extra rep in or didn't have the stamina to run as fast as I did a couple days ago.  And that is okay!  Thankfully Mike was there and always seemed to keep me motivated.  Most importantly, have fun!  As masochistic as that may sound, it is a lot of fun when you come in and just pound away at the workout with everyone else.  Mike puts together a program that is just naturally fun to go through and not intimidating.  He also provides good modifications for people that need them on certain workouts.  It also helps that the people that do Mike's UBW are great people and certainly make it fun as well.  

I hope I eventually move back to LA and do this workout again.  I'm missing it already!