Mark S, Santa Monica

Although all my life I have worked out and enjoyed many sports and outdoor activities, I at times have missed my mark in terms of setting and achieving realistic goals.

A year ago I saw some of the first unexpected physical results upon my daughter and I reaching black belts through TKC in Woodland Hills. Focus there was similar to focus at Big Mike's morning at the beach in Santa Monica workouts in that many practical ingredients accompanied the goals set like measuring little progresses made, being consistent and changing a diet to be practical but also to fuel the sometimes not so easy efforts required to succeed.

Those efforts can be a complimentary day supporting the effort you make when you workout, exercise or train. Like a) getting a good night sleep, b) eating to fuel your workouts, eating better so the 100 calories in are good calories as opposed to crap, and 4) getting out to your workout instead of staying home or remaining in that comfortable bed.

Specific to Big Mike's Ultimate Beach Workout that I literally discovered while doing my runs on the beach many things were immediately realized about what Mike was doing and how he was helping people become more healthy.

I right away noticed the caliber of quality and niceness of the people in Mike's beach boot camp workouts. I have been doing myself now for 8 months and I find everyone still consistent with this. 

Taking a class is in the early morning where we are taught not to be beat up are bodies as can happen in other places but train better with Mike's attention to targets. Targets of measure recorded and body area focuses intertwined, be it all against the sight of the moon setting, the sun rising and the thunderous crashing of waves... providing additional music to flow your workouts. 

I think most everyone in this great coming together really deeply takes in the appreciation of what's going on in these mornings outside and within our own beings as there is clearly a great experience had on many levels. I won't say spiritual, due to the fact that  in our time this word has become cliche, but if you truly are moved by the inner feelings that can be felt then this would move you closer to that place inside. Of course there are many yoga classes also appreciating similar in our greatly beautiful environment as well.

My biggest result that I was so pleased to recently share with Mike was that in all the years of weight going up and down, doing things I have always loved like our Karate training, playing all sports and enjoying many outdoor activities to reach physical improvements. I have not achieved something i thought impossible beyond feeling better through physical achievement and weight loss. My blood pressure lowered to a level I cannot even recall what year it was that low in.

Historically any of my doctors and one in particular, Dr Stephen Patt, would tell you how much he stressed to me and tried to help lower my BP through many means including prescriptions (which I loathed very much) and diet and exercise. To which I would say to Dr P., do you know how many hours a week I work out or that I often in a week play basketball and for many hours?

I know I have fortunately in recent years met many people who have helped me to get started on this right track like Sensei Fariborz, Mike within Big Mike's Ultimate Beach Workout, and  Lisa ( with practical good food training and habits) as each have provided a foundation and great blend that worked for me.

My BP readings were going through the roof and even though last year where I expected the readings to be coming downs sometimes they were even higher then ever as they ran from 150/100, to 160/110 even just 8 months ago on some regular checkups. Clearly very, very dangerous and something I needed to change even if I had to through prescriptions.

So back to Big Mike's Ultimate Beach Workout, where I believe, through Mike's knowledge and experience along with his website to help you track key numbers for improvement in areas like BMI,etc... blended with the focus of his workouts, I am very happily here and healthier today. Two weeks ago in my anual checkup the reading was 142/78. Needless to say :-)

Let me suggest for yourself if you are nearby or even at times in town in Santa Monica/So Cal. working to kake the groupon to Mike's and see for yourself in a quick and easy inexpensive  monthly trial if any of these things sound good to you. Even if you just want the enjoyment of loving your workout. 

I highly, highly recommend.

Thank you Mike.

All the best to you all and hope you all find what you are looking for.


~Mark S.