Cintia H, Santa Monica

I started Big Mike's Bootcamp about a year ago and for me to still be committed to showing up and work out in the sand 3 times a week, has a lot to say! It was the best decision I ever made when it comes to working out. Big Mike knows how to keep you motivated and accomplish your health and fitness levels that you desire. And most important, is the fun and positive attitude he brings to each class. My legs looked stronger and better than ever and I am in the best shape ever thanks to Big Mike's Bootcamp. He also keeps track of your accomplishments, does fun hikes and kayak adventures for the team and also organizes a Bootcamp to the island of Kauai coming up in June.

Best is that each workout is different each week and each month. There are a lot of challenges so you can keep track of your progress. Big Mike brings all the equipment you need for the workout including water, towels, yoga matts and fabulous music. All this happens on the sand while watching the waves, the ocean, dolphins and every now and then there are baby seals that come out to say 'Hello'.

I highly recommend Mike's Bootcamp to anyone who would like to see the pounds shed away, challenge yourself, make new friends and have fun while working out.