Accountability is the key to healthy, sustained fitness results, so, I created The Results Fitness Tracker, your personalized online page that tracks all of your hard-earned fitness progress, including: Weigh-In Numbers (bodyfat & lean muscle mass) and Performance Fitness Scores (strength, endurance, stamina, agility and speed)! Along with your Daily Calorie Target and link to your Meal Plan, you'll be inspired and motivated to keep your fitness progress coming!

Weigh-In Measurements

Beginning with your initial fitness assessment and monthly Weigh-Day thereafter, you'll have your Total Body-Weight, Body Fat %, Lean Muscle Mass % and Visceral fat % (deep belly-fat) measured and recorded on your Results Fitness Tracker page. The overall goal here is not generalized "weight-loss" but a transformation to healthful, athletic and more optimized proportions.


Performance Fitness Scores

Randomized on a monthly basis, your Strength, Speed, Endurance, Agility and Overall Capability will be tested for Maximum Fitness Scores. These scores are compiled on your Results Fitness Tracker Page with a series of Graphs that make it easy to follow your progress and be inspired to attain even more athletic progress that you thought possible!

Short and Long-Term Goal Setting
Throughout the year, Big Mike will challenge you with Short-Term Fitness Goals, focusing on attainable near-term results that will inspire your successes and build momentum towards optimal, healthful Long-Term Athleticism. Go team, go!