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Big Mike's Boot Camp, located on stunning Santa Monica beach is a year-round fitness training program that begins with your 2-hour Boot Camp Orientation. This innovative, introductory camp begins with a fitness assessment that generates your initial baseline numbers, discussion of your Nutrition program, familiarization of Big Mike's innovative sandbag resistance training equipment and then you'll warm-it-up to experience your first, Big Mike's world-class beach boot camp.

Fitness Assessment & Nutrition Program

The Fitness Assessment generates your baseline measurements, including:  overall body weight, body fat %, visceral fat % and lean muscle%. These numbers are used to customize your personalized Nutrition Program that will create a target number of daily calories along with a breakdown of macronutrients (protein, fats, carbohydrates and fiber) along with 7-Days of Meal Plans to get you started.

Clinic: 5-Checkpoints of Proper Form & Breathing

You'll be instructed on the 5-Checkpoints of Proper Exercise Form. Mastering these training techniques, promotes a high level of efficiency, stabilization and helps prevent injury. Also, you’ll learn my simple breathing technique, that when used during exercise, optimizes oxygen delivery to your muscles during every repetition—supercharging lean muscle-building and fueling body fat burn. 

Big Mike's Boot Camp Workout

Once you have mastered my techniques for proper form and breathing, youll be warmed-up and take part in your first Big Mike's Workout on Santa Monica beach. During this boot camp, you’ll learn strategies for easing into this world-class fitness program and have time to perfect your exercise form while you experience this world-famous beach workout that maximizes body fat burn while dynamically building lean toned muscle.