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Here are tips and strategies to help you prepare for Big Mike’s Boot Camp Workout fitness program. For maximum success, follow as many tips as you can, so that you are prepped and ready to hit the grass running with the #1 Palm Springs Boot Camp! —Big Mike

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Start waking-up early enough to have time to eat your Pre-Workout Meal, get dressed and arrive at least 5 minutes early to camp!

Desert environments call for shoes that keep your feet dry and sand free, so select shoes that have as little mesh as possible (especially over the toe) to keep moisture and fine sand particles out. Trail running shoes seem to work best; be sure to wear non-cotton moisture-wicking socks for extra dry feet.

Gloves are important in cooler temperatures, since cold conditions can chill your hands while you workout. In Winter and Fall, choose hardy, athletic-type gloves.

 Buy Lip balm and SPF 30 or above for maximum protection to exposed skin

Fill-up your fridge with great Pre-Workout Meals and post-workout meals that have some complex carbohydrates and protein in them. Remember, it is very important to have a small pre-workout meal at least 1 hour prior to attending boot camp. Try my Ultimate Oatmeal pre-workout meal. Also, if losing bodyfat is one of your fitness goals, clear your home of all the empty calorie foods that sabotage your fitness success, out of site keeps it out of our mouth. Take a look at my article Chow on this, Not That! for substitution tips.

 Especially in the warmer months, please drink at least 8-10 glasses of water per day. FYI: Big Mikes supplies all the bottled water that you’ll need during boot camp. Check out Top 8 Hydration Benefits, you’ll be glad you did.

Big Mike’s Boot Camp, located in stunning Palm Springs is a great place to unplug from our devices, breathe fresh air, make friends and get in AMAZING shape.

See You on the Grass!  
 —Big Mike