Sweet NEW Site for Big Mike's UBW!

Boot Camp fitness testing santa monica beach.png

Bringing Big Mike's into 2014 with a bang, I have re-built the UBW Web Site with a modern new look and tons of new bells and whistles. First-up, everyone will receive a password-protected page where your Results Tracker Page will now live. Bookmark this page so that you can reflect on your past results and beat those scores on your next Weigh-Day Fitness Testing as well as have a quick link to your Nutrition Program.

Also, now you will be able to "Share' news and photos with anybody just like Facebook or Twitter.

The link to your new Results Tracker page will be sent to you soon, so, save the Email with your login info.  Hope you love it. —Big Mike

Quicklinks to Check Out: 

1.  Home Page >
2. Boot Camp Schedule >
3. Nutrition Program >
4. Boot Camp Preparation >
5. Team Photo Gallery >
6. Big Mike Swag Shop 

More to come, stay tuned! —Big Mike