5 Holiday Strategies to Stay Fit & Sexy for 2014

holiday eating strategies fitness.png

The Holidays don't have to mean another 5-7 lbs or so of extra weight gain (that's average, yikes!) to have to carry around for the New Year, with a few strategies in hand, you can glide through the holiday season with all of your hard-earned fitness gains still in-tact, and maybe even lose a few pounds. :)

Check-Out the Holiday 5: 

1.  Fill Up with Fiber!
In this case the appetizer table is your friend, as soon as you hit a new party, hunt for the tasty raw veggies like cauliflour, brocolli, peppers, carrots and fresh fruit (stay very light on the dip) and graze them with abandon before the heavier hors 'douerves make there way from the kitchen to your lips and eventually bellies or thighs. The veggies and fruit will quickly make you feel more full and less prone to pigging out on too many extras.

Hey, we are all adults here and alcohol is a fact of life for most folks over 21. It's also probably the single-biggest reason for consuming WAY TOO MANY CALORIES during the holiday season. Alcohol enhances our appetites and packs on the pounds, it's literally liquid fat that your body has no defenses for. Alcohol is calorie dense and we usually place a high-calorie mixer in that really packs a 1-2 punch to our fat patches. One of my mottos is that life is about balance, so I'm not in any delusion that it will be eliminated, but it does need to be curbed. So, change up your mixers to the sugar-free variety (tonic, seltzer or diet soft drinks), try to grab a bottle of water between drinks and stay away from the bar (out of site, out of mind). Have fun guys, don't drink and drive!

3. Make Your Fitness Routine Sacred.
We all have that uncle and aunt that drives us crazy with their weird views on the world, so if you're like me, we binge and drink to get through the long days and nights distant family. Ugh! The one sure way that we have to burn-off that emotional stress is to protect your boot camp "school-nights" with all your might. Staying in your fitness routine is the only sure-fire, healthy way you have to burn-off all those extra indulgences and control the stress eating. Plus, we ALL know how painful it is to miss a couple weeks of working-out and having to rev-up the old workout routine again. Believe me, the pain is not worth it, do your best to stay on track!

4. Be Ready for the Kids!
Having kids comes with it's own set of stresses during the holidays, they want this, they want that and it's hard to say "No" to everything—you gon't want to be a Grinch.  However, for your sake and theirs, you can't say "Yes" to everything. So what to do? I suggest stocking the fridge with a lot of healthy, ready-to-eat food that make it easy to throw together dinner without giving-in to McDonalds seasonal faire. Keep the fridge full of Rotisserie chickens, bagged mixed salads, raw almonds and fresh fruit. A little fore-thought and trying to satisfy them, won't destroy your diet.

5. Sleep, get that shut-eye!
As the holidays approach and all that extra running-around for presents, parties and seasonal events, less sleep seems to be the answer to gaining time to do all the things we need to get done. If you read my blog about Sleep deprivation, you know that lack of sleep createts a vicious circle of hormonal imbalance that makes it tougher for our bodies to process calories as well as increases our appetites for carbohydrates. The simple answer is get your 8 hours in every day. You can do it, put down that (this) device, turn out the light and snoooooze!