Fruit Carts - Perfect Summer Snack!

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Like me, you may have passed by fruit carts on the Westside hundreds of times without actually considering eating at one. Not any more, now I have to admit that I’m addicted to the insanely fresh and delicious $5 bags of every type of fruit that I love. I finally stopped by one last week that was parked near my bank in Venice Beach. Wow! Wow!

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Not only is the fruit fresh and at the height of the season, but the $5 price is right, the bag is huge and is perfect for a mid-day summertime meal, filling delicious and nutritious without being an abs destroying gut bomb. Go for it and have them add a pinch of salt, lemon and chili powder and you have an amazingly sweet and savory—satisfying lunch. There are not many easy ways to get this kind of nutrition and the shear variety of tastes and flavors. No more excuses, nutrition is only a corner away. Go for it! Good Eats Team!

—“Big” Mike Arnone, Owner and Certified Personal Trainer