Original Muscle Beach - Sweet Pull-Up Workout

pull-up exercise workout santa monica

All the beach is your gym in Santa Monica, from challenging sand runs to competitive volleyball games, the sky is the limit to add an intense change of pace to wake up your workout. My latest favorite way to mix it up is to do a series of exercises on the pull-up bars (located just south of Santa Monica Pier).

From pull-ups and chin-ups to, to wide and close-in hand holds, you can blast your back, shoulder and biceps in ways you never can with barbells or dumbbells, plus you get the incredible motivation that only working outside on the beach can fire up your results. Take it from me, there is nothing like ending your day surrounded by amazing athletes using the rings, dip bars and slack lining. Keeps you coming back often and learning all kinds of new exercises. Big thumbs up!

Pull-Up Workout: 

1. Warm-Up with 20 arm-circles, forward and backwards

2. Palm-Up, Close-in Pull-Ups - 4-Sets of 10 (or as many as you can perform) 

3. Palm-Away, Wide-Grip - 4-Sets of 10 (or as many as you can perform)   

Good Workout Team!

—“Big” Mike Arnone, Owner and Certified Personal Trainer