REVEALED: My Mid-Day Hunger “Go To's”.

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If you’re like me, trying to stay within your Calorie Target for the day can be difficult. You find yourself scrambling to find healthy calorie-controlled snacks that will bridge the hunger gaps between the bigger meals of the day. Throw in a little emotional stress, challenging traffic or erupting family issues and all you can think about is a quick satisfying carbohydrate or fatty fix to calm the nerves and feed the “beast”. Ugh!

We go through the same cycle every day of every year and if we don’t  get a handle on the situation, the pounds start to add up and quality of life hits the skids. Hey, at 47 I’ve been through this once too many times, so I decided to test out snacks and small meals that help me stay at my current healthy weight and don’t throw me off the cliff into a giant greasy basket of chips and salsa.

Here the list of my satisfying dietary “Go To’s” and belly busting “Go Past!” snacks and mid-day meals.

My Go To’s...

  1. Raw Almonds & Walnuts (stay away from roasted and salted, tasty but addicting! Costco sells great nuts)

  2. Apples (Pick the freshest apples of the season—Try Honeycrisp, Fuji, Granny Smith or Pink Lady, so good!)

  3. Yoplait Light Yogurt (I like Peach and Blueberry, 100 calories a pop and eating 2 kills hunger)

  4. Yoplait Vanilla Yogurt & Frozen Blueberries (let the berries melt a little and mix with yogurt, freezes like ice cream.

  5. Blended Frozen Berries, water and Protein Powder (You can make this with any kind of berries, yum)

  6. Diet Coke (a little caffeine and artificial sugar satisfies, still not sure why people think it’s bad for you)

My Go Pasts...

  1. Protein Bars (thinly disguised candy bars, calorie and sugar rich and addicting!!)

  2. Candy (Need I say why??)

  3. Any kind of Chips or Popcorn (Even healthy “branded” sun chips pack a carbo punch to the love handles!)

  4. Granola (pretends to be healthy, but fuels insulin spikes and crashes) 

  5. Dried Fruit (way too tasty, many have added sugar and are calorie dense, eat fresh instead)

Hey Santa Monica, if you have any suggestions let me know, we are all in this together!

—“Big” Mike Arnone, Owner and Certified Personal Trainer