Santa Monica - Fitness Capital USA!

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Yes, it’s award season in Hollywood-land with the Academy Awards, Grammy’s being handed out to the deserving in the entertainment industry. Now, National Geographic has recently named Santa Monica as one of the "Top 10 Fitness Beach Cities in the World," with so many many ways to participate in a fitness program, especially outside spaces, it’s no wonder it’s citizen’s regularly turn up on regional and national magazines' “most fit cities” lists.

To be distinguished as 'the most fit city' by so many health and fitness publications and clubs is proof that the citizenry is fitness oriented and the city has responded by creating an environment that promotes wellness.

Pleasure and business travelers vacationers as well as residents especially appreciate the convenient access to the proliferation of outdoor Boot Camps conducted in the parks as well as on the beach.

Santa Monica has a variety of options for anyone visiting here or living here, Health and fitness nuts can find a host of active, outdoor activities. Whether you are into running, Interval Training, Cardio programs, strength training, resistance training, functional training or cross-training your favorite sport—you will be able to hit your fitness goals.

I like to think that Ultimate Beach Workout and it’s emphasis on using all the beach environments as well as it’s sheer variety of dynamic, fast and effective workouts, accelerates people’s fitness goals and gets them where they want to be fast.

Congratulation Santa Monica and thank you too for creating a fitness environment that fosters an atmosphere taht promotes wellness and quality of Life.

—“Big” Mike Arnone, Owner and Certified Personal Trainer