Team Brigatoni Conquers Tough Mudder!

santa monica boot camp tough mudder team.jpg

What a BLAST!! Team Brigatoni, Big Mike’s Tough Mudder Team challenged the extremely difficult Sun Valley course near Big Bear — and conquered it PROUDLY!

santa monica fitness boot camp.jpg

The insane 10-mile course zig-zagged through the gorgeous Sun Valley ski resort with 21 obstacles, including: hiking up & down (what seemed like) endless trails, climbing wall after wall, crawling through mud, swinging from rings over mud pits, jumping and sliding into into cold resevoirs, carrying logs for a mile and generally being challenged in every way possible — and LOVED every minute of it!!

Cheers of “Brigatoni...CIAO !!!” could be heard echoing throughout the hills whenever the Team completed an obstacle or needed an extra boost of energy to help us keep going.

In the end, we ALL tested our limits (including me, lol) with this extreme challenge and conquered the Mudder! And now, we are looking for more...wanna join us for the next one??