The 3 Best Ways to Relieve Your Sore Muscles!

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One of the facts of life of joining the Ultimate Beach Workout boot camp program is dealing with post-workout muscle soreness. Also know as Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), there are several myths out there about this source of pain, including the one about lactic acid build-up being the cause, but current studies point to exercise induced damage to micro-fibers within the muscle itself as the actual cause of soreness and pain.

The primary reason for DOMS is your initial inefficiency performing new movements. When you first begin exercising with Ultimate Beach Workout you have less fine motor control and all your muscles have to stay very involved to compensate for this. As you become more skilled at performing an exercise movement, this effect decreases. As we become more skilled, the whole body stays less involved in performing an exercise, soreness goes away and your results plateau.

The UBW program has been designed with this natural dynamic in mind and introduces fundamentally new workouts that are rotated into the program every 4 weeks. By challenging your body to adapt to new movements again and again, you will eliminate plateaus and continually produce fitness results.

Here are 3 best ways to both limit and reduce this post-workout muscle soreness.

#1 - Drink Lots and Lots of Water

A great way to relieve sore muscles is to stay well hydrated. Exercising is a process of breaking down muscle fibers as you workout, recovering and rebuilding. Staying hydrated improves circulation and aids in clearing waste products from your muscles, which speeds the healing process.

#2 - Warm Bath

Soaking in a warm bath brings warmth and buoyancy to your stressed tissues. Not many things are easier or more satisfying than soaking in a bath full of warm water, just add one cup of epsom salts or some essential oils like lavendar to a running bath. You might need to agitate the tub a a bit to make sure that all of the salts dissolve. Epsom salts and lavender have been widely used as a remedy for muscle soreness. 

#3 - Light Stretching

The last thing that you should do after a boot camp workout is to plop yourself down on the couch and become immobile. When you lift a weight, sand bag or your own body-weight your muscles perform a contraction. And after your workout the muscles stay in the contracted state for some time. Until your muscles have restored their length, it will slow down your recuperation process, decrease full range of motion, reduce flexibity and overall fitness progress. Here are some light stretches to help you loosen up and regain muscle length.

Guiding Directions for ALL Stretches:
Perform each of the stretches for 30 seconds at a time, move into the positions very slowly and hold the positions with very light pressure at first. After you start to loosen and lengthen the muscle, apply a little more pressure until the muscle resists, then stop and slowly release the position. Avoid bouncing, lurching, or applying too much pressure at first. Above all, if you experience ANY pain during these stretches, you should stop. ***Consult your physician before beginning any diet, stretching or exercise program.


***Consult your physician before beginning any diet, stretching or exercise program.