Drink-Up! - 8 Essential Hydration Benefits!

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Hydration is central to the most elemental functions in every cell in our human body and is essential to the success of our health and fitness. From keeping our tendons strong and flexible, regulating our blood pressure to aiding our normal digestion, here are the 8 top benefits of drinking up:

• Brain and Nervous System Remain Alert and Focused!
Proper hydration is important for basic functioning of our brains. When we get in our 8 glasses of water in, our brain cells are supplied with a continual  flow of fresh, oxygen-rich blood—allowing our brain’s to stay alert. Even mild de-hydration (as little as 1% to 2% loss in our body weight), can affect our ability to focus. When we lose more than 2% of our body weight due to dehydration, it can compromise our brain's higher processing abilities and diminish our short-term memory.

• Our Cells more efficiently take in Nutrients and Dispose of Toxins!
Proper Hydration in our body’s cells is particularly essential for supplying vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, other vital nutrients, as well as oxygen to our cells. Our cells in-turn more efficiently create energy for our body to function. Finally, proper hydration sweeps away and disposes of the toxins and waste products of our metabolism, permitting healthy cellular chemical functioning.

• Our Digestive Tract More Easily Absorb Nutrients and Stay Regular!
Hydration also has a key role in digesting our food and absorbing nutrients in our digestive tract. H2O is required to dissolve nutrients in food, allowing for absorption into our bloodstream and delivered to all of our cells. Improper hydration slows our digestive tracks and chronic hydration makes us more prone to constipation.

• Our Heart & Circulatory System Work Much Less Hard & Effectively Delivers Oxygen!
Water is vital for healthy heart functioning and the proper control of water balance is critical to keep our blood pressure within a healthy range. Chronic de-hydration reduces cardiac output which probably leads to a hike in heart rate and a decrease in our blood pressure. Our circulatory system transports a continual supply of oxygen to our brain, muscles and to all of our tissues.

• Our Kidneys Fast-Track Toxins Out of Our Bodies!
Proper water intake is essential to keep our kidneys functioning in a healthy zone, assisting them in removing toxins and waste products as well as excessive nutrients through our urine. Our kidneys control our body's fluid levels by decreasing or increasing our urine flow. Our kidneys also regulate optimal levels of sodium & electrolytes. A hydrated person's healthy kidneys filter up-to 180 litres of water every day: obviously, most of this water has to be reabsorbed to stop excessive losses from our body’s.

•  Our Muscles, Tendons and Joints Stay Flexible and Strong!
Water is in-effect a lubricant for our joints, tendons and muscles; it promotes thicker-cushioned joints and maintains strong muscles. Of course, muscles, joints, tendons and bones, are critical for us to move, stand, sit and function in our daily lives. About 70 - 75% of our muscle is comprised of water. Regulating heathy water balance is instrumental for high-level muscle functioning, especially during boot camp exercise.

•  Our Skin Stays Young and Supple!
The skin is our first defense against outside toxic agents and helps in stopping the creation of infectious & allergic pathogens. Some experts feel that proper hydration maintains moist body tissues and preserve our skin's elasticity, look and feel.

•  Our Body Temperature Stay Cool & Prevents Inflammation!
Hydration has a vital role as a thermoregulator, regulating our body’s temperature by dissipating heat. If our body get’s too hot, water is sweated out and evaporation from the surface of our skin disippates heat from our body. Sweat is the most efficient way that our body stops itself from overheating.

Your Winning Strategy: Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day, and more if you are Working Out!

—“Big” Mike Arnone, Owner and Certified Personal Trainer