Welcome Groupon, Google Offer and Weforia Members!

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Big Mike here giving a big shout-out to all of the new Groupon, Google Offers and Weforia members that have purchased boot camp memberships during the month of June!

Some of you have already attended your boot camp Orientations and are beginning your first workouts. For the others whose Orientation dates are coming up, there is plenty that you can do to help yourself get up to speed and maximize your fitness success.

Preparation Strategies for Success:

  1. Get used to getting up early. Camps begin at 6am, 7am and 9am, M/W/F

  2. Begin making healthy improvements in your diet, start replacing empty calories with fruits, vegetable, whole grains and lean meats.

  3. Drink your 8 glasses of water per day, more when you workout and stay properly hydrated.

  4. Early morning walks and bike rides will help you get used to working out in the morning.

  5. Start eating small meals in the morning before you workout.

  6. Buy well fitting shoes with no mesh on the top to keep the sand out.

  7. Buy some 30spf sunscreen.

Ultimate Beach Workout - Santa Monica beach will be doing our very best to help you get on your way to reaching your health fitness goals and hoping that you are impressed with the incredible value of our boot camp Workout Packages and eventually stay on with us to become part of the Team!

Your Winning Strategy: Prepare before for your boot camp membership begins for maximum fitness success.