10 Tips to Get You to Your Best Body in 2013!

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The holiday season is behind us (thankfully) and right NOW is the time to decide whether all of that holiday poundage makes a home on top of your well-earned fitness results or get's blasted-off in a sweaty re-commitment to your best body ever. There's no way around it, the beginning of the year becomes the 6-month countdown to summer, when all of our winter clothes are packed away and swimsuits and boardshorts come out. If the shorter days, cold weather and layers of sweaters and jackets are making it tough to get back into your boot camp workout routine, here are a few tips to get you back on track...

1. Strip down to your birthday suit in bright light and take a 360-degree look. If the holidays have done some damage, quickly set your alarm for boot camp and set your fitness goals.

2. Re-Connect with your favorite UBW boot camp Teammates, make a plan to “Get ready for summer”!

3. Dump all the leftover Holiday cookies, crackers and candy in the trash—out of sight, out of mouth! lol

4. Fill your fridge and pantries with fruits and veggies that you can easily eat when you're hungry.

5. Take a good look at your Client Results-Tracker Page and call me to devise a plan to improve stubborn scores.

6. Focus on your summer fitness goals and how great that will feel to wear your favorite body-conscious clothing.

7. See what you are made of and join my Tough Mudder Team (coming in June 2013).

8. Get Prepared! Have plenty of pre-workout meals and workout duds ready to go!

9. Easy does it. If your attendance has been spotty over the holidays, ease back into the program.

10. Reward your fitness success with weekly massages and yoga! Not food.

The holidays are tough, but can be easily neutralized through an overall re-commitment to your overall health and fitness.

You can do it Team! Go, go, go!

—Big Mike