Interest List Forming for Ultimate Tai Chi!

Do you have a tough time trying to meditate or not sure how to do it? Would you like to compliment your boot camp experience with better balance, flexibilty and coordination?  Then Ultimate Tai Chi may be for you. I am now developing an interest list, please fill out the form and if enough folks would like to participate I will add the program.

Taijiquan (T’ai Chi Ch’uan) is a martial form of Chinese QiGong, a moving meditation used for improving health and mental power. The name translates to Grand Ultimate Fist, which indicates not superiority but an all-encompassing completeness of study that facilitates an enriching transformation of mind, body, and spirit. There are many different styles of the Taiji Sequence (太極拳套), but the traditional Yang Style of Taijiquan, which has 113 (or 108) forms, is one of the most widely studied. Unfortunately, this popularity has diluted its practice toward the sole purpose of improving health, which greatly reduces its “Grand Ultimate” value. By maintaining the original purpose of self-defense, the practitioner aspires toward a higher goal, yielding many times typical benefits. Multiple scientific studies document improvements among diverse populations with regard to balance, increased bone density, lowered blood pressure, heightened mental acuity and well-being, pain reduction, and cancer survival. Practitioners also experience increased athletic performance due to enhanced movement competency thereby reducing recovery time from inefficient physical exertion. Yang style Taijiquan practiced in the traditional way is a perfect addition to a high-performance lifestyle, yet it can be practiced by anyone at any age. 

Beachfront Taijiquan seeks to provide a restorative experience that compliments Big Mike’s workouts by not only providing the aforementioned benefits of practice but also by establishing a camaraderie within an active community wishing to go deeper with their personal development. This course is especially perfect for those with nagging, chronic musculoskeletal pain or those who wish to break through any plateau regarding their current training. 

T’ai Chi Teacher Bio: 

Dr. Page is a recent graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic and is currently finishing a Masters of Sports Science and Rehabilitation through an internship at LA Sports & Spine here in Santa Monica, CA with Dr. Craig Liebenson. In addition, he holds a Bachelors of Science in Human Biology from Logan College and a Bachelors of Arts in Philosophy from Rhodes College. He began studying Taijiquan (T’ai Chi Ch’uan) in 1997 after having spent a year wheelchair bound due to a severe football injury. Tajiquan helped him learn how to walk again and would enable him to return to sport, high school wrestling and cross-country. This gift sparked his interest in a variety of other martial arts, but his love of Taijjiquan has remained loyal to the present. He has studied Taijiquan with many notable teachers across the United States, including his teacher’s Sifu Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming as well as Dr. Yang’s original Taiji teacher, Grandmaster Kao, Tao. Dr. Page began co-teaching Tajiquan, along with Muay Thai, Wing Chun, and Kali with his teacher, Milan Vigil, at Rhodes College from 2001 until 2006. In 2007 he started teaching private classes in Memphis, Tennessee at multiple retirement homes and for his employees at Southwind Wine & Spirits for the prevention of work related injuries. He considers himself an activity specialist due to his colorful history with various martial arts, manual medicine, rehabilitation and performance care, and he is uniquely qualified to provide expert tutelage for anyone wishing to improve overall health, enhance movement competency, learn a traditional art, or experience a meditative practice to ease stress and revive mental well-being.

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