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Hey Team, we all know how complicated it is to keep track of doctor's appointments, medications, allergies and our own health histories. Ugh! And, as our families grow and parent get older, keeping track of important medical details can become a matter of life or death. On top of that, we hear every day of the medical mistakes that doctor’s, nurses and hospitals make that put’s our loved one’s at risk—several times my own grandmother has had severe complications due to medical errors. It’s scary and difficult to organize medical information and very few products out there even exist.

So, my mom and I co-authored and designed ReadyLifeLine™Personal Medical Organizer that will help you and your family Organize, Maintain and Protect your health. ReadyLifeLine™ was designed to be used on a day-to-day basis to organize and maintain your healthcare history and has the dual purpose of being specially designed to quickly communicate vital medical information to paramedics and doctors.

ReadyLifeLine™ has become an indispensable tool for our family members and is recommended by the City of Santa Ana Fire Department, several Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT Teams) as well as the San Diego chapter of the American Red Cross. US Federal Government contractor

Protect the health of your family, choose ReadyLifeLine™.

—Big Mike

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