Big Mike's 30-Day Alcohol-Free Challenge for April!

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Jump-Start your Summer Body and See What You're Made of!

The holidays are behind us and as we all turn the corner into the New Year we see another California Summer coming at us fast and furious (as if this 85 Degee weather in March isn't enough to remind us, lol). It's time to start fine-tuning our bods for t-shirt and sandal weather and the best way that I have found to drop that holiday weight and get a handle on the biggest social vice is to take a holiday from all booze, beers, wine and cocktails for 30-days. Sort of a reset for our livers and our souls.

So, Why Have this Challenge?

Hey, we all know that drinks provide a lot of fun, but unfortunately also, a lot of extra inebriating calories that enhance our appetites for cheese laden, ranch-dipping, chocolate-covered “food” that destroys our daily calorie targets, blunts our fitness progress and packs on the belly, back and thigh fat that hides all of our hard-earned fitness progress. Ugh!!

Giving ourselves a little reset at the beginning of the New Year, helps us drop that hard to lose body fat and get's us back in touch with our strength and will power.

Won't this Be Tough?

HECK YES it will, lots of our social interactions involve a drink or two, from impromtu get togethers, summer concerts at the pier to nice dinners out will make it challenging to say no at first. But any jones you might have will quickly turn into personal satisfaction that the pounds will start to fall off quickly and the pride of having self-control over our bodies.

How Do I Start? Dates: (April. 1  to April. 30)

Including myself, everyone that would like to be included in the 30-Day Alcohol Free Challenge, please reply to this post with your name and stay in-touch with this blog for support and inspiration to get you through the month. This a great way to begin the 2014, hopefully many of you will rise to the challenge, get in amazing shape and see what you are made of! You can do it Team!

Challenge Prize - Big Mike's T-Shirt!

To everyone that honestly stops consuming alcohol for 30-Days, your Prize will be a FREE Big Mike's T-Shirt!

—Big Mike

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