Big Mike's Crew Help's Create 2 Foster Kid's Very First Homes!!


One of my favorite causes to give my voice and time and energy to, A Sense of Home is an organization run by 2 friends/former clients, Georgie Smith and Melissa Goddard that help Foster Youth that have aged-out of the program, outfit their first apartments with furniture, beds, couches and all the trimmings to give them their very first sense of a permanent home that they can call their own! I get teary-eyed every time I think about how the kids are smiling from ear-to-ear when their sparsley furnished apartments, usually a mattress on the ground, are transformed into a true home. Special shout-out to Clara, Matt, Gabriela and C for all their time and effort, you guys are the best!

If you would like to Donate Nice Home Furnishing to A Sense of Home, please contact them at their Facebook Page - A Sense of Home. And contact Big Mike if you'd like to be a part of his Crew to help out!