Re-Balance with Big Mike's Foam-Rolling and Stretching Clinic! - 10/10

foam rolling clinic

Come join my Clinic to learn a variety of different ways to stretch and use the foam roller to massage away tight, sore muscles creating a more comfortable range-of-motion and overall balance for your post-workout routine.

Stretching and Foam Rolling (Myofascial release) are great ways to learn how to perform self-myofascial release of trigger points in the muscles. Trigger points are sore spots, scar tissue and adhesions that form within muscles or tendons. Foam rolling and stretching  are ways of massaging away muscle soreness in trigger points, and preparing your muscles for deeper stretching. 

The most overlooked component of injury prevention and delay of fitness progress is soft-tissue quality. Foam Rolling and stretching preps your muscles for a workout, treats day-to-day stiffness and loosen things up.

You will need to purchase a Foam Roller prior to the clinic. Rollers (about $20) are available for sale at Sport Chalet >

Printouts of all Stetching and Foam-Rolling techniques for you to take home.

Saturday, October 10, 12 Noon (sharp)

Please bring $10 for current clients and $20 for all others.


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