Big Mike's Hikes: Solstice Cyn, Malibu - 8/22

Join Big Mike's boot camp team members and explore Solstice Canyon in gorgeous Malibu. Be stunned by amazing ocean views, explore interesting ruins and test yourself with this challenging hike!

Solstice Canyon—a place where nature greets you with the sights and sounds of a babbling brook set amidst towering alder and sycamore trees. Green leaves surround you like a giant cocoon, even in hot, dry summers, filling you with a sense of peace and solitude.

The solitude, serenity, and abundant natural resources have attracted people to Solstice Canyon for centuries. The Chumash historically used the land for food, water and shelter.

Ranchers grazed cattle in the area for many years. Around 1865, Matthew Keller built a stone cottage, which is still visible from Solstice Canyon Trail. The cottage is believed to be the oldest existing stone building in Malibu. the stone house survived many wildfires but was finally destroyed in the 2007 Corral Fire. The stone walls are still visible across the stream as you walk down Solstice Canyon Trail.

A pretty tough 2.5-3 hour hike. (about 5.0 miles). Bring water and sunscreen. Sorry, no dogs are allowed and this would be pretty strenuous for kids.

August 22, 2015 @ 1pm (sharp).  Allow time to find parking.

From Hwy 10 (or Sunset), take PCH north to Corral Canyon Rd. Turn right on Corral Canyon, and try to find parking in the park area, or you may have to park on the PCH. Parking is limited in the lot at Solstice Park. Most parking is available on street, or PCH and walk into the park.

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