Goal Setting for 2015 - Let's Get On It!

Hey Team, if you're anything like me, you enjoyed the heck out of the Holidays, congrats! But, you may have halted your fitness progress, or (yikes!) have done a little damage to the 'ol waistline. Well, life is about balance and we all pick our spots when we let it fly, makes life worth living. Now, it's time to re-double our efforts and charge toward some brand new personal fitness goals for 2015.

Those of you who are currently on Big Mike's Team, check-out your Results Tracker Pages for goals that I believe you all can achieve in the new year.

If you'd like to up-the-ante, send me a note and I'll add any other intentions you'd like to attain. Hey, together, we all can get eachother there, — So, TIME TO GET ON IT!  Those of you not in camp, time to get your butts back out on the sand, see you soon!