Big Mike's: Bigger, Badder and Bolder for 2016!

Hey Team—now that winter's over ;) and summer is firmly in our sights,  I'll be implementing a whole host of upgrades to continue to stay on the leading-edge of beach boot camp fitness and get you all toned-up and sexy for the warmer months. Get Ready...Big Mike's Boot Camp will never be the same!

Look Better Naked 30-Day Challenge

Let’s get REALLY REAL, summer’s coming like a Tsunami and we all wanna look great in our birthday suits, absolutely nothing feels better than looking in the mirror, taking a moment and giving a satisfied nod and wink to yourself ;) So, in an effort to speed you to that satisfying moment I will be instituting the Look Better Naked 30-Day Challenge (February to June 2016).

The Challenge: Improve your Weigh-In Numbers (Body fat, lean Muscle Mass and Visceral Fat) and Performance Scores (Run, Sprint, Push-Ups, Crunch and Squat Thrust) from one calendar month to the next. Since my Performance Tests are randomized throughout the month, 100% attendance is recommended so you don’t miss out on one.

The Pay-Off: Receive ONE FREE MONTH of boot camp added to your Workout Package! Beat your scores every one of the participating months and receive up-to 5 FREE months! Achieve and Win even one 30-Day Challenge, pick up a FREE MONTH and be prepared to give yourself that well-deserved nod and wink!

New Workout Equipment

My own personal workout has evolved greatly over time, and as I continue to explore all the different workout spaces from Santa Monica to Venice Beach to the Southbay, gymnasts, acrobats, parkour athletes, martial artists and many more have impressed me with their incredible fusion of fitness techniques, super-efficient strength training and functional body-weight exercises using various pieces of workout equipment found on the sand.

Evolution and innovation have been the cornerstones of the Big Mike’s Program to date and look to 2016 to be no different. So, for the new year, in addition to my specially designed Sandbag Weights, you’ll learn to love 2 cool new pieces of workout equipment that will kick the beach workout all-the way-up: The Rack & The Iron Maiden! Currently in the process of being fabricated, look for specially designed workouts using them beginning next month. The Program will never be the same, sweet!

Yoga Warm-Down

We all Warm-up together and now the post-boot camp Warm-Down will be introduced in February. My former assistant and now international Yogi Jillian has designed for me a 5 minute yoga stretch that will unwind all your worked-out muscles and send you on your day centered and feeling great.

In order to add this to an already full hour, everyone will now need to be warmed-up, sandbags filled and please be ready to go by 5 minutes after the hour, so that we time for Warm-Down time at the end.

Improved Nutrition Plan

No way around it, half the battle to losing body fat and keeping it off is managing diet. I’ll be adding Shopping Lists for the 7-Day Meal Plans and including helpful tips and suggestions that will keep you on track.

For those of you that really need some coaching for Certified Nutritionist, I'll be offering a coaching service to help you design a Meal Program customized to your individual needs.

Big Mike’s Adventure
Boot Camp

Kauai Adventure Boot Camp coming up in June of 2016 is just the beginning of my global boot camp adventures. For 2017 I’m thinking Costa Rica, Playa Del Carmen or…Suggestions?

Big Mike’s Local Adventures: Look for Big Mike’s Local Adventures coming up in March. With plenty of adventure close to home, I’ll be designing Adventures that include: Kayaking, Stand-Up Paddleboarding, Boogie-Boarding, Zip-lines, Camping, Snorkeling and much, much more! Your weekends will never be the same!