Big Upgrades in 2017 for Big Mike's Boot Camp!

In the continual spirit of innovation and improvements to Big Mike's Boot Camp, 2017 will bring a new bank of even more challenging, NEW Fitness Tests—(Think Giant Crazy Challenging Obstacle Course), AND NEW Saturday Boot Camp (Every other weekend)!

NEW Fitness Tests 2017!

Weigh-Day get's a huge UPGRADE with the January debut of BIG MIKE'S—BIG COURSE! This crazy challenging, HUGE bodyweight Obstacle Course will challenge every parameter of your fitness capabilities (Endurance, Strength, Stamina and Athleticism) and weaves them into the biggest, baddest Timed Challenge Course that I've EVER designed! Look for it starting in January!

As if that's not enough, in addition, 4 New POP CHALLENGEExercise Tests will be randomly thrown into the regular monthly schedule, so BE READY!

NEW Saturday Boot Camp!

Starting in January, (for just an additional $20 per month), you can attend (2) additional Boot Camp times every other Saturday from 9am - 10am!

These will be full-fledged boot camp circuits that will kick your butts as much as the regular schedule of Monday/Wednesday/Friday! So, if you need an extra workout time on the weekends, this is for you!

Check out the UPDATED Boot Camp Schedule >

Yes, I'd like to add the every other Saturday Workout to my Workout Package! Just $20 per mo.

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