Meet Big Mike's New Assistant Trainer - Clara Dryden!

Hey Team, you've probably noticed all the new folks at camp this year and with that explosive growth I've decided to hire-on Teammate Clara to Assistant Train both 6am and 7am boot camp classes. Clara has been a member of Big Mike's for a couple years now, and has always brought her impressive athletic drive and easy-going nature to Santa Monica Beach! Feel free to introduce yourself to her and ask any question that you might have.

Clara's Bio
Mountain conqueror, long distance cycler and all round adventurer; Clara Dryden is a former pan-american Taekwondo champion now turning her adventurous spirit and overabundance of energy towards cycling, hiking, skiing, camping and bootcamping! - whatever keeps her outdoors. Shrugging off the cold, harsh climate of her native Canada she loves the beach life and incomparable weather and sunsets of Santa Monica, and believes the best place to work out is where the dolphins play too.

Glad to have as part of the Big Mike's Team Clara! — Big Mike