So What Exactly are the Technical Benefits of Working-Out on the Beach With Sand Bags and Why is it so Effective?

After 7 years, thousands of workouts and nearly 900 miles of miles of beach runs to Santa Monica Pier and back, I have discovered that working-out on sand and specifically using my SandBags for Resistance-Training creates a whole set of Technical Fitness benefits that dramatically increase fitness longevity, supercharge muscle building and blasts off body fat. 

Sand-Bags create Dynamic Variable Resistance Training (DVRT)
Due to unstable interior loads of SandBags on an unstable surface (sand), creates endless versatility with change of plane of motion, bag holds, and speed of movement. And by allowing for completely customizable weights (scoops of sand), challenges your strength, balance and stabilization with every step and every rep.

Stabilizing core muscles STAY engaged
On static surfaces (concrete, grass, hard rubber, etc) core and leg muscles disengage when not challenged by a workload and the body becomes super-efficient at isolating a particular body part for work. When an exercise is conducted on an unstable surface like sand Stabilizing core and leg muscles are ALWAYS engaged, creating a continuous working situation with the resulting incresed calorie burn and muscle challenge - lots and lots of extra work gets done!

Running and Movement Improvements
Running and moving on sand forces you to create smooth and powerful running/movement techniques to make up for loss of energy transfer due to absorption of impacts. Form and coordination improves and speed and stamina sky rocket.

Rapid Muscle Depletion
With all this extra work, Muscle Depletion happens much more rapidly and fully, concentrating workout time. An hours worth of work is condensed into 30-45 minutes due to higher effort and demands of Sand Workouts.

The Unique Environments of The Beach
The Beach environments have the ability add yet another endlessly variable part to the fitness equation. Due to the natural variance of moisture content, daily tidal zones and wind resistance an overall continously variable hour-to-hour, day-to-day and month-to-month. In other words, the beach environment itself constantly changes. Dry sand, fluffy sand for high-intensity exercise, low tide creates smooth hard-pack high speed sprinting and slopes to add incline/decline challenges.

The Takeaways
• Continual performance gains in a matter of weeks - Muscle Builds and Body Fat Shreads

• Rapid physiological response: Performing conditioning on sand as opposed to grass/concrete can result in a greater physiological response (strengthening, endurance, stamina and form), quicker recovery, minimal injury and without any degradation to your next workout.

• Group training offers healthy athletic community, friendship, fun in the sun, uplifting dolphin shows and a restorative meditative environment.

• Recovery is kick-started with a Dip in the ocean, reducing inflammation and is a great, FUN way to cool down.