Bex D, Santa Monica

Love this workout! 
-towel, mat, and water are provided:) (don't know of any other workout around town that does this)
-6am class is the best because you get to watch the sunrise (best way to start the day)
-You get to decide how much weight you can handle that day. You fill duffle bags (also provided for you) with sand determining the amount of weight you use each time. So those days when you're feeling strong you can up it and those days when you can barely tie your shoes you can go light.
-Mike is a great motivator. He pays attention to how you work best and models how he motivates you based on that. (No screaming or getting in your face)
-Mike goes around and helps everyone with the different exercises. Also, he's great about showing you modifications if you have injuries you're dealing with.
-Mike knows everyone's name in the group! Don't know how he does it. Means a lot when you're half asleep rolling into class and he welcomes you by name.
-You can switch your time slot just by sending him a text or email asking to go the 9am class instead of the 6am.
-Orientation days are Saturday and you can join them for their workout to add an extra day! 
-Music! Music is key when it comes to working out and the spotify or pandora stations he chooses are good for getting you going in the morning.