"Big" Mike A, Venice Beach

By about the age of 40, the slow 5 - 7 lbs or so of weight gain per year was starting to get out of control, I was tipping the scales at about 235 and had gained over 45 pounds. I started to feel sluggish, less cabable and even bending over to tie my shoes caused me to be a little out of breathe. Ugh! On top of that, my blood pressure and cholesterol were getting into the “it’s time to do something about this zone” and my doctor was telling me to get on it.

“Now, I’ve been in pretty decent shape most of my life, but the same old gym workouts were getting so boring and weren't working anymore and you know, I just thought I was getting older and thought that meant that my best days were way behind me. On top of that, after playing a lifetime of club soccer, football, baseball, snowboarding and playing on hard-dirt fields, both my knees failed and required serious surgeries. Finally, after the second rehab, I decided  that I had to change things in a fundamental way or live out my days overweight and disabled. These were not options.

I needed to try to find a less-impactful way to exercise but still stay in great shape and hopefully looking good. Now, I have lived very near beach my whole life and often wondered if there was any type of program that existed to take advantage of this amazing, but difficult environment. I looked and looked, but no one attempted to use the sand as a dedicated fitness space.

So, to better educate myself, I became a Certified Personal Trainer to learn about fitness fundamentals, proper form and try an array of cutting-edge fitness approaches. Though, every new fitness philosophy that I tried worked for a while, the same old plateaus that I experienced in my gym workouts slowly would creep in. Damn.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, what if I made the cornerstone of my workout program a dynamically integrated variety of fitness philosophies (including: high-intensity interval training, unique sand-bag weight training, cutting-edge body-weight exercises, yoga, circuit training, intensive plyometrics and plenty more) into an innovative high-octane beach workout that virtually eliminated plateaus and hopefully kept the results coming. BINGO! Before I knew it, muscle-tone that I thought was long gone accelerated and at the same time fat-loss intensified while cranking up endurance to levels that I hadn't felt since in my 20s. Wow.

Within 6 months, I had dropped all the extra bodyfat, my muscle-tone was off the charts and even my doctor asked “how the hell did you do it?” Blood pressure and choleseterol moved to athletic levels, knees were perfect and I felt so good, I knew I would never look back. I had found my answer.  

The rest is history, friends noticed my transformation and joined me in my workouts, their fitness levels matched mine and their friends joined and Big Mike's Ultimate Beach Workout was born. “This business of helping people with one of the most difficult things in their lives has instilled in me a great sense of  responsibility and pride in the fitness successes of my clients and friends.”

I invite you to come and try the Big Mike's Program, it has worked for me and hundreds of my clients and I know that it can work for you too. See you on the sand!