Clara D (Adventurer), Santa Monica

First of all...I would recommend this workout for anyone looking to get back in shape, improve your performance or to simply enjoy a great workout on the beach and meet new people. 

I initially signed up for two months with Groupon and decided to extend my membership for a year. Here are a few things that make this workout so great:

- A great welcome - Everyone who signs up must attend a mandatory orientation. This is a great way to assess your current level of fitness and ask all your questions. I was really nervous when I first joined - not knowing what to expect - but Mike's welcome put my mind at ease.  
- Everything is provided - Towels, water, mats, and music.
- The trainer - Mike is a very professional and knowledgeable trainer. He is always there to motivate you when you need it and give you that extra push to keep you going. 
- The workout - Mike changes the workout every month so you never get bored and are always improving your strength and working different muscle groups.
- The beach - You can't ask for a better location. We see dolphins almost every morning during our workout.
- The people - This workout seems to attract like-minded people who are there to get in shape but also to have fun. I never feel judged when I am there and have also made some new friends.
- The schedule - Mike offers three workout times so you can get a workout before work. 
- The flexibility - You decide how much weight you want to use during your workout so people from every fitness level can attend and it also removes the chances of injury.
- Personal improvement - I have not felt this great and confident about myself in a very long time! I feel strong, toned, and full of energy.

Mike offers a very unique and total body workout that will definitely get you in shape or improve your current fitness level. It is also a great workout if you want to improve your performance in other sports. In less than 3 months, Mike's workout increased my road cycling speed by 5 km/hr (which is a big deal) and my endurance.

I would give more stars if I could!