Martina N, Santa Monica

I joined Mike's group for a month using a groupon, and now I'm hooked. I'm signing up for a year and can't wait to get started. 


Here's why: #1: Mike himself: he's super dedicated, enthusiastic, fun, and motivating. You really work out hard during this hour on the sand, sometimes even despite yourself, because Mike is making you do it!


#2: The workout routine: It's always changing, it's never boring, it's challenging and kick-ass. 


#3: The people: the team is super friendly and encouraging, outgoing and has a wonderful sense of humor. I feel welcome and if there's anything I don't get at first there's always someone who is glad to explain. 


#4: The setting: It's on the beach, right by the ocean with pelicans, dolphins, the moon, the sunrise, the breeze... what more can you ask for? It's divine. 


I highly recommend this workout for anyone who wants to start the day with a truly fun, hard and fat-burning workout in the beauty of Santa Monica beach.

palm springs fitness class