Hanna Z, Santa Monica

I LOVE Big Mike's Ultimate Beach Workout!!! Mike is SO conscientious and caring about his students and will push and push you to be your absolute best! He really cares and is constantly on the lookout for ways you can correct your form or do even better. 

The workouts change constantly so that you are always challenging your body, and never reach a plateau. I love how the training is all-round and targets all your muscle groups as well as building your cardiovascular fitness. I burn an average of 700 to 800 calories a workout. Totally worth it!! 

And Mike is the NICEST guy ever who genuinely cares about hist students and wants the best for them. You can tell he's coming from a heart-centered place in really making you believe in yourself. It's like having an amazing personal trainer. 

Make sure you go, this is not an experience to be missed. If there's ONE thing you should DEFINITELY DO in life, it's go workout with Mike at Santa Monica beach in the mornings. It'll change your life, in a great way :). 

P.S. He uses a combination of interval training (which is great for fat loss and increasing your cardiovascular fitness), weight training, and plyometrics.