Ophelia B, Santa Monica

 I don't write reviews very often. And I have taken Boot Camps (Groupon/Living Social/Deals) before. Never had an experience quite like this! If you are looking to be motivated in a friendly competitive way - and not in a drill sergeant breathing down your neck way -than try Big Mike's Beach Workout :) 

The workouts are all on the beach so there is minimal impact on your joints, and so that with every step you take you are working out that much harder (I believe 20-80% more). 

I’m almost to my sixth month (and am about sign-on for 6 more!) and I lost body fat, gained muscle - and made great friends with my work out neighbors. Every work out is different to mix things up, and you never dread going. 

You get detailed information regarding your physical make up (weight, body fat, muscle) before & afters along with recommended meals plans...Mike is very motivational. 1 hour - 3 times a week...Its a small amount of time & keeps you in great shape!