Sadie S, Santa Monica

Lengthy review I know, but I want to cover all bases!

This workout program is TOP NOTCH!  I've been to many a bootcamp (and also quit many a bootcamp) and they pale in comparison to what Mike has created with his Ultimate Beach Workout.

Mike's workouts are INCREDIBLE!  I've been in his class for the last 3 weeks and feel FANTASTIC!  From the start, Mike was friendly, open, honest, and great about giving me a true feel of what was in store for me with UBW.  Once you get to know him, you see how genuine he is and he really does want you to feel and look your best.

With UBW you receive detailed information about your body stats, nutrition guidelines, and a tracker page, all of which will help you reach your fitness goal(s).  As much as I didn't want to see "those numbers", it really does motivate you to push yourself.

The workouts themselves happen at 3 set times, 3 days a week.  Once you are there, you have the backdrop of the beautiful ocean, SM Pier, and Mike's smiling face!  With a setting as such -- as well as weights, mats, water and towels all provided for you - you couldn't ask for more in a beach workout!

I won't lie, the workouts are tough, but it is a GOOD tough.  One that makes you feel strong & proud of what you just accomplished!  I cannot say enough good things about the workouts.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE them.  Each session is a VARIETY of exercises, set up so that you either go through each "station" as a group, or you go through it at your own pace.  YOUR OWN PACE YOU SAY!  Yes, Mike will guide and motivate you along the way as you make it through the various exercises throughout the course.  If you need help, he's ALWAYS there.  

Everyone at camp is friendly, and the environment is very upbeat, motivating, and positive.  There is a sense of calm and not this crazy amount of pressure - which really helps you feel comfortable to FOCUS on the exercises, instructions, and get the most out of your workout.  I have yet to feel 'bored' or 'dissatisfied' with UBW - because Mike has it down - he keeps you interested!

I leave UBW every M W F at 7am feeling so good about myself.  My energy levels have increased dramatically, I feel muscles growing that I've never even felt before, and after just 7 classes, my stamina and endurance have come alive!  I haven't had another weigh in yet, but it doesn't matter because I CAN ALREADY FEEL THE RESULTS!

You MUST give Big Mike's Ultimate Beach Workout a try - it will NOT disappoint!!!

*Update 12-7-12: I'm still @UBW - good sign right!  I still love it .  Actually, I love it even more now!  My stats have changed A LOT in 5 short months!  HUGE thanks to MIke, for your dedication/ this program.  I'm so appreciative of how far I've come and can't wait to continue the journey!  You truly DO provide results in such an encouraging way.