Stephanie C, Santa Monica

If I could give Mike 10 stars or more I would! I bought a two month Groupon to try it out and after my 2 month were over I was hooked! If you like to be outdoors and see the ocean and beautiful scenery while you work out instead of being in a stinky gym, Big Mike's Ultimate Beach Bootcamp is the answer that you have been looking for! Mike is so passionate about what he does and it definitely shows!

You don't have to bring anything but yourself! He provides water, towels, mats and everything else you need for his workout! He cares about every single individual that comes to his class! His workouts target every body part and definitely will get you in shape! During the workout he plays good fun music and he goes around and pays very close attention to everybody's form so you will not hurt yourself (which was very important to me as I had a fractured femur in the past and some lower back issues)!

He shows you modifications if you can not do an exercise and motivates you in a fun way without screaming in your face like no other trainer I have ever had (and I tried a lot)! He also monitors your progress every month and gives you helpful nutrition advice! With his workout I have gotten stronger, more toned and overall more fit! Big Mike's Ultimate Beach Bootcamp is the REAL DEAL and I am hooked for life! LOVE BIG MIKE'S!