Tara T, Santa Monica

Big Mike’s beach workouts are awesome! I am a graduate student and I don’t have a whole lot of time to work out. Before starting Big Mike’s I tried to work out at the gym, but the treadmill would get monotonous. I heard about Big Mike’s through a friend who is in great shape. I started taking the 6am class with her and I loved it! I started to lose weight and get stronger right away. I’ve been consistently going for two months now and people have started to ask me how I’ve been losing weight. I have noticed a huge improvement in my core strength too! I feel great without the aches and pains that I would from the repetitive movements on the cardio equipment at the gym.

Mike is a very nice guy and genuinely cares about everyone who comes to his workouts. The workouts change by month so you get to do each workout 3 or 4 times before a new set of workouts start the next month. I like this- it gives you a chance to improve throughout the month but also does not get too boring or easy. Also the workouts can be adjusted to challenge yourself more once you start to get in better shape. I plan to continue participating in Mike’s classes for a long time!! Thanks Mike!