Natalie R, Santa Monica

I have been going to Mike's workouts 3 days a week for the last 6 months and I absolutely love it! I have done many bootcamps over the years, but nothing beats working out on the sand during sunrise. Normally I hit a plateau with a class eventually, but working out on the sand definitely adds a layer of intensity that keeps it challenging. Plus, Mike has a different workout MWF and switches them up every month so just when you think you're starting to get good at something, you have a new challenge. 

The other thing that is great about Mike is his genuine interest in your progress and his consistent positive attitude. He's always cheering us on and pushing us to do our best. He also works really hard to make the class more of a community. He plans monthly hikes and other activities that everyone is invited to attend, so you end up getting to know each other and feel a sense of being on a team, not just a bunch of strangers working out.

I definitely encourage anyone considering Mike's bootcamp to check it out!