Aly F, Santa Monica

I joined Big Mike's Ultimate Beach Workout ("UBW") to kickstart my middle-aged body and psyche. I had been active and athletic when I was younger, and competed in a few triathlons a couple of years ago, but injured myself in a fall. As a result I became little lazy, angry and grumpy. Not good.

I had a month long trial membership with UBW, which I turned into a yearlong membership after just two weeks of workouts. The classes are amazing; inventive, fun, hard. Mike understands both the workout wishes of his clients and is a total professional about diet and safety. His instructions are really clear; there is no competition except with yourself. As a result, workout buddies have become buddies outside boot camp too. There's a constant overall sense of helping each other to feel healthier and get stronger. I have lost weight, put on muscle, and lost overall body fat AND visceral fat. 

On UBW days, the first muscles that get exercised are in my cheeks; I find myself grinning as I cross over the California Incline Bridge to head to the beach. The vista itself is uplifting and energizing. I finish the workout sweaty and covered in sand, and thrilled.  That Zen feeling is created and fostered by Mike; we as a group have great respect for him, for each other and our surroundings. (Imagine working out while dolphins swim by; that's a fairly regular occurrence).

My aim is to be a part of UBW until my body gives out, or Mike retires. And since he has made both my body and spirit stronger, I'm going to be part of his team for a long time.